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Kamikaze release 21 live in New Project

New Project to feel old again Teen Camp "Kamikaze".


A subsidiary of RS Public Company Limited launch new artists and 21 people with single new novel music "KAMIKAZE WAVE" (Kamikaze Wave) by two agents, "Four - Mod" reveals. From listening to the album.

"Now we have Kamikaze New an additional 21 people, which is very, very happy. Comfort of friends. Up to one fold it (laughs), whether the "KAT-PAT (Pat Cat), 3.2.1 (Three to One), FACT U (fax post UK), Kiss Me Five (Kiss. the Five), XIS (X-Card) "and friends and 21 people will be able to very many. Whether it is in music. The musician friendly. Including singing and dancing. The Four and Mod guarantee that they are both 21 people with the quality of compressed indeed (smiling) and for this we all 41 of them a single new title that "KAMIKAZE WAVE" for. Music's for. This song has taken us to working together to successfully.

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