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Thailand Ticket Center - The Most Popoular Ticke

               Thai Ticket Major. After initial success with the capture Entertainment and is known widely. Mission opened the second targeting a central booking. Explore tickets Car Transport Company Ltd. with laying the foundation management system. Send Hope International Gold system.  

The booking service is considered widely known in Thailand. This brand of Thai Ticket Major considered a first. Thai people will think of the Concert For ticket. Considered as the first of the offense is serious business. And you say that the marketing of the Ticket Entertainment Thailand truly
But that will not stop with the organization's leadership. Flights entertainment business. And sports only. Because the vision of Executive's Thai Ticket. Need to expand the empire even larger than that
This may be the first time that Mr. Chokchai Iam Rittikrai. General Manager, Thai Ticket Major Company issued to a special interview with "press" the strategy of doing business. Completely and the "Thai Business" opportunities, but the only one.
Especially long-distance vision of Thai Ticket. Not only. The distribution of concert tickets or sporting events only. But they are about to move to Of the center of all the ticket distribution in Thailand. And Indo-China in the near future.


The Booster of Major

After the year 2549 that Major Zenith Cineplex Group acquired 40% or a value of 30 million baht in Thai Ticket Master Com when a subsidiary of BEC - Tech. Road Entertainment. Operators such as concert ticket sales and sports performance renamed Thai Ticket Major.
The shares of major groups has then Even money could not come down to the company if, but when directly integrated with the Network Group at both major theaters. , Bowling, restaurant Mc Donald. Like escape to Thailand's Ticket. Leap forward in the rapid acceleration than before.
Thai Ticket has. Market share in the business for over 90% of bookings through the first page. They have a market share of up to 95% due to competitive new with True and TOTAL ล Residence Serviced Web Co., a subsidiary of Impact X-Exhibition Management, Entertainment Limited by The total value of the booking business currently about 1,000 million Baht
"We asked consumers if the card For about Entertainment will all find anywhere. All of them think we are the first But something that we do not sell tickets, some of them do not know what to do still prefer him. Because everyone thought that every concert that we have only one. The measure considered here, we succeeded in creating a strong brand, "Chok Chai talks about the success of the brand's Thai Ticket.

Mission 2
Although business with Enterprise only. Entertainment will create the success of Thai Ticket has the one But with the growth factors of each of the uncertain business of entertainment. The Thai Ticket program has started to review the past. With the visible channels of revenue other To strengthen the business.
He explained that the current rate of sales growth depends on frequency, duration and number of organized events, concert or theater performances each year, which is growing uncertainty. Example. For years where the concert very large number of growth will increase significantly. For example, last year on the big stage, whether as a sandy stretch blue cloud your child Royal Ballet being male and mid-CAT, including the Asia Cup football. The high growth of 100%.
After reviewing the long-term plan and management team have put Chokchai Mission 2 Thai Ticket Major that Thailand will step up to the Ticket Center is a ticket to everything that consumers want. Not only for entertainment only. But will cover all the needs of consumers.
The company successfully continued for a long time over seven years to build the company into Thailand Ticket Entertainment. Focusing on Sale Live Entertainment in Thailand Until now considered a widely recognized consumer. Today's time that we will continue to move forward, "general manager Thai Ticket Major Announcement.


The power of networking
Strength of Thailand's Ticket. Compared to the competitors. Channel. The Thai's Ticket. Points to facilitate distribution to consumers is not thorough and diverse as the counter Which today has 92 centers, Web sites www.thaiticketmajor.com. There are currently more than 200,000 members, call center 02-262-3456, wap, TTM Theatre Outlet and Thailand Post.
Outside of outlets already. Cooperation with business partners such as. Major Central. , Shop in the AIS network. As well as various entertainment companies. Considered advantages. Because if each partner has already signed. Is there a limit that will be exclusive to Thai Ticket only The competitors. Coming into the market can not compete directly.
Growth and Competition for business bookings at the present time. Even the Thai Ticket to try to expand the diversity of business services. And create ongoing revenue for the business. In addition to consumer grouping. Groups A to C then. Latest Thai Ticket Packages also plans to gather C down
Whether it. º ¢ a booking tickets. Trial, which began a year since February 2550 to past statements by the market to invest 30 million and were received very good response. Especially during the Festival of last year growth of 150% booking tickets over the latest development to be able to book movie tickets through the Ticket to Thailand as well.

GO International
Of course, the Book Bus º ¢ Sat. Is only the beginning. The expansion to perfect. "Lord of the ticket business, it also has space in many markets. Chokchai And management team are planning to study and to penetrate markets such as movie tickets, airlines, hotels, trains, etc..
"After Thai Ticket. Jacket has a good partner. Enable us to develop plans to allow booking of movie tickets major network. Through Thai Ticket has with We are in the range of educational system It is expected that soon this will be open for sure. In addition to booking airline tickets, hotel Is in progress. "
Chok Chai also said that doing business in Thailand then. Also has sales and booking management system for foreign as well. The past had to do in Hong Kong. Sia in concert Zhang vulnerability. Malaysia also has a system to sell tickets to events. And concerts with other interested companies with
"We are confident of our good, we had to go otherwise stifle it like this. Has tried to sell the system to different neighbors in this neighborhood also has all the Thai Ticket's will try to expand the services covered our advantage is that we made before. And have a good partner. Therefore, the success we intended that it should not be impossible, "concluded Chokchai.

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