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DEAN live in Bangkok

Gate Open :

Approx. 30 minutes before show start.

Public Sale :

29 September 2017 , 10 am onward.

Ticket Price :

Regular : 2,500 Baht
VIP : 5,000 Baht


Show Date

Date Time
Saturday November 11, 2017 8.00 pm

Seating Plan / Pricing

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Regular : 2,500 Baht
VIP : 5,000 Baht
DEAN live in Bangkok with Special guests MISA & SAAY
Saturday 11th November 2017
Show time : 20.00
Ticket price 2,500baht, VIP MEET&GREET 5,000baht (only 50 VIP tickets)
**The Standing ticket will be allocated according to the order in which the tickets are bought, the numbers will be printed on the back of the tickets. Our staffs will inform tickets' holders of the order of entry later on**
Ticket on sale 29 September 2017 10.00 at Thaiticketmajor 14 outlets (Distribution Channel :
www.thaiticketmajor.com/outlets.php), Major Cineplex & EGV Outlets, Thai Post Office, Tesco Lotus.

- Reservations through the call centre are not available on 29 September 2017 and online purchases can be made by credit card or debit card or Payment by cash via mobile application K Pay Plus/ Line Pay/ Air Pay/ Bualuang iBanking only.
- Ticket price 2,500baht, a maximum of 4 tickets may be purchased by each customer/per transaction.
- Ticket price 5,000baht, 1 ticket may be purchased by each customer/per transaction.
- There are convenience fee 3% for credit/ debit card charge
- Ticket holders must be 12 years old and above only. Please show your ID Card or Passport at the entrance
- In case of losing ticket, TTM reserves the right to refuse issuing a new ticket in any circumstances.


DEAN - a South Korean future R&B artist and Multi-Platinum songwriter. DEAN began his musical journey as a hip-hop artist at age 16, beginning his career as part of a crew with Korean rapperKeith Ape (whose single ‘It G Ma' boasts over 30 millionYouTube views), but by the age of 18, DEAN discovered his talent for singing and his gift of creating infectious melodies. Now having written chart toppers for K-Pop boy bands such as EXO, Block B and VIXX. DEAN has already proven himself as a successful hit song maker. Recently DEAN wrote ‘Unfair’ for EXO and ‘World Tour’ for Lee-hi in 2016.
DEAN is committed to becoming one of the greatest cross-over acts to break onto the music scene both in Korea and the U.S. DEAN has worked with several in-demand artists and producers such as Mr. Camack, DJ esta of Soulection, Anderson .Paak, Eric Bellinger, EXO, Crush, ZICO and more. 
At the end of 2016, he was chose by Spotify as ’25 under 25’which is 25 most influential artists under the age of 25. 
DEAN was a brand ambassador of ‘Saucony’ last fall and now is endorsed for a fashion x culture project led by Kolon Sport, and released Korean single ‘limbo’ has released on 17th Feb, 2017 and it reached #1 in BP chart in Korea.
DEAN’s latest US single ‘love’ featured by Syd of The Internet was released on 19th May. ‘love’ was featured on the beats1 list on Apple Music as an only Asian artist ever. Also, Zak Abel was featured on the song as a chorus. Music video for the song was directed by Psycho films who worked with Schoolboy Q, Tinashe, YG, Kendrick Lamar, and more.
He is currently showcasing his talent at many of the industry’s major upcoming events and festivals.
SAAY, making her debut in 2017, is a 24 years old Korean R&B singer-songwriter. 

Coming from a family of musicians, music flows through SAAY’s veins. Raised by a mother who did ‘pansori’, traditional Korean music was the first thing SAAY learned as a child. With a talent in performing ‘chang’ - a Korean traditional narrative song, SAAY performed alongside her mother from a very early age. Naturally, the artist grew up living and breathing true Korean soul by learning traditional dance and instruments as well. SAAY’s first encounter with rock music was through her own brother who played for a rock & roll band. Watching Michael Jackson’s MTV performance back when she was still a little kid was a turning point for SAAY, as it inspired her to look into performance, R&B and pop music in general. 

She soon relocated to Seoul and SAAY debuted as the leader and lead vocal of the girl group called ‘Evol (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rAUwimJaZKU) in 2012, but never did she give up her dream on becoming a solo artist: singer-song writer. 

Since 2013 allowed SAAY to focus on her career as a songwriter and producer. This brought her opportunities to hold sessions with world-class producers including Obi and Kenzie. Soon enough, SM Entertainment expressed interest in SAAY’s talent, and she’s done writing a whopping number of four songs for Henry(of Super Junior). In 2016, SAAY signed to Universal Music Korea as a solo artist.

Having been raised between the US and Japan, SAAY is perfectly fluent in both English and Japanese which serves as one of her strengths as an artist. Moreover, videos of her dancing along her own choreography marked the birth of a very rarely seen form of an artist – a singer-songwriter and performer. Even when her songwriting and producing skills are put aside, SAAY is an all-round artist capable of singing and dancing to her own style. 

On May 2017, SAAY released her first free mixtape [THE ZONE] on SoundCloud and it’s garnered a total of 300k plays. SAAY toured the US; San Francisco, Dallas, New York, and Chicago with DEAN and Club Eskimo in May. After the US tour, SAAY also has toured the Europe; France, England, and Germany with DEAN and Club Eskimo in June.

SAAY’s debut single ‘CIRCLE’ featuring Tish Hyman isreleased on 28th July. The single is introduced by Apple music as ‘Best of Week’ along with Skrillex, Amine and more.
For three years, Miso pursued her passion of making music, a soulful combination of electronic, hip hop, and R&B, while holding a full-time position that monopolized her time. It proved to be the most challenging period of her young life, but her diligence, inspired beat-making, and self-belief eventually paid off. In 2015, she applied to and was accepted by the renowned Red Bull Music Academy in Paris. That experience, as well as joining Club Eskimo (the South Korean crew that countsemerging R&B stars Dean and Crush as members), marked a turning point. Miso's first official single, “Take Me,” produced and recorded in her bedroom, reached the third spot on the US Spotify Viral 50 in 2017, followed by a blowout performance at New York Fashion Week. Suddenly on the rise, Miso feels blessed by the opportunity to make music full-time and is more devoted than ever before to the mission of creating songs that “spread hope and deliver a sense of comfort to people experiencing hardship in their lives.
Meet Hip-hop/R&B singer-song writer and record producer, DEAN. Since receiving international recognition, including several awards, he is a Korean R&B sensation both in Korea and worldwide, especially after having already sold-out toured around the world. He also has a proven track record, writing top hits for Exo, Block B, Lee Hi, VIXX and more.

This time, arranged especially for Thailand, DEAN has teamed with his renowned friends, MISO, a member of Club Eskimo, and SAAY, Universal Music Korea's newest and most promising R&B artist. 
Be ready for the first time show in BKK at moonstar studio hall 8 on 11/11/17.
Tickets available at www.thaiticketmajor.com 
+66 2 262 3456.
Tickets price 2500 baht and VIP tickets 5000 baht (50 tickets only)
For more information 
Please visit FB: VIJI CORP


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