When it comes to a unique line of music, which brings together different people from all over the world, the name Offer Nissim immediately comes to mind. The DJ, producer and musical remixer has established, during the course of the past 25 years, a name as one of the most prominent and leading musical creators in the world’s club scene.  Offer Nissim also made DJ Magazine’s “Top 100 DJs” list in 2006 and 2007. 

     DJ Offer Nissim's meteoric rise and formation of his huge fan following started totally by accident when in 1979, the 15 year old DJ played his first ever live club set after being asked to replace a DJ that failed to show up. Since then, and over the years, the mega DJ has played in dozens of clubs across Israel, such as the "Forum", "Ha-Oman 17", "Alenby 58" and for the past few years in the "TLV" as the resident of the "FFF" - the most successful line of parties in Israel.

     While becoming well known in the Europe and the Middle East, Nissim was virtually unknown in the United States.  However, that changed when he met New York DJ, producer, and record-label owner Peter Rauhofer. Upon hearing Nissim's creations, Rauhofer signed Offer Nissim to his U.S. record label, Star 69 Records.  His first release in the U.S. was the largely successful album "First Time" in which he collaborated with Maya.  Offer Nissim’s latest productions featuring Maya include “Happy People”, “I’m In Love”, and “Wish You Were Here.”

     Offer Nissim's music can be described as ethereal, sweeping, tribal, vocal house music. His trademark is how he manipulates the vocalist's tracks, almost making it another instrument in his productions of the track by using a lot of loops and effects.  When he performs as a DJ, Offer Nissim is often a performance himself as he dances and moves to the music he's playing and interacts with his audience.  Offer Nissim will be making his Asia debut at Jubilation!

Official site : www.offernissim.com