Thailand International Jazz Conference 2016


Thailand International Jazz Conference 2016

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    วันเปิดจำหน่าย วันอังคารที่ 22 ธันวาคม 2558, 10:00 น.


ผังการแสดง & รอบการแสดง

วันศุกร์ที่ 29 มกราคม 2559


  • Early bird Special เฉพาะราคา 3,000 บาท ลดทันที 500 บาท หมดเขต 4 ม.ค. 59 ( ทุกช่องทางการจำหน่าย)
  • ส่วนลดนักเรียน (ไม่เกินปริญาตรี) ไม่จำกัดอายุ รับส่วนลด 20% จำนวน 1 บัตรต่อ 1 ใบ ( เฉพาะจุดจำหน่าย Thaiticketmajor เท่านั้น )
  • KTC Card Holder/ Rabbit Card รับส่วนลด 20% จำนวน 1 บัตรต่อ 4 ใบ( เฉพาะจุดจำหน่าย Thaiticketmajor เท่านั้น )
  • Music Lover Card Holder/ Mahidol University Officer รับส่วนลด 20% จำนวน 1 บัตรต่อ 1 ใบ (Buy ticket only at Prince Mahidol Hall and College of Music)



TIJC Performance Series

Well known for bringing in superb-quality jazz music, TIJC will, again, feature the greatest jazz musicians of our time from all over the world. Top quality local jazz artists are also featured to make this Jazz Conference complete with great variety and quality.

International Artist
Jonathan Kreisberg Quartet
Jonathan Kreisberg - Guitar Matt Penman - Bass
David Kikoski - Piano Mark Ferber - Drums
Peter Martin Trio
Peter Martin - Piano Robert Hurst - Bass
Gregory Hutchinson - Drums  
Kyungsik Choi Quartet
Kyungsik Choi - Tenor Saxophone Sangyeon Park - Electric Guitar
Jae Geun Jeon - Double Bass Se Min Kang - Drums
Fly Magic
Timo Vollbrecht - Saxophone  
TPO with Jazz
Jens Lindemann - Trumpet Cherryl Hayes - Voice
Jacob Dinesen - Saxophone  
Thai Artist
Kom Wongsawat Ben Chalatit
Funktion Root Man Feat.Tar Mr.Team
Faculty University
Sunny Trio and Natt buntita ''Two of a Kind'' Pomelo Town
Changton Kunjara Quintet  
Big Band
Royal Thai Navy Jazz Orchestra Klong Morn Little Jazz Big Band
Vajiravudh College Big Band Horwang Big Band

TIJC Education Series
Following the successful TIJC 2009 - TIJC 2015, it’s time to get inspired and get your knowledge tank fulfilled once again!!! By joining the TIJC Jazz Education Series, you will have great chances to meet and learn from the jazz masters from all over the world. Workshop topics will range from jazz performance, solo improvisation, jazz show making, recording session, to topics for general jazz lovers.

TIJC Solo Competition
Set to be one of the most respectable competitions in this region, a TIJC solo competition is a jazz improvisation competition with reliable and comprehensible performance regulations using internationally recognized adjudicators. Competition winners will be awarded: Baht 100,000 for Type A (Open category), Baht 50,000 for Type B (Junior Category)

TIJC Jazz Camp
Find out all you need to know to progress your Jazz skills far forward in our new TIJC JAZZ CAMP during January 25-27, 2016. Here you will have your greatest chance to meet and learn from three of the world’s greatest Jazz artists. For more information visit our website.

TIJC Schedule