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100 Only Unbreakable Friendship Scorpions Live in Bangkok
- - - " 100 Only Unbreakable Friendship Scorpions Live in Bangkok " - - - / 10th September 2004/ Impact Arena, Muangthongtani + + +

100 Only Unbreakable Friendship Scorpions Live in Bangkok


It's been worth the wait. For UNBREAKABLE. With their uncompromising rock album the SCORPIONS have unequivocally sounded their return in 2004 to the worldwide hard'n'heavy arena.

UNBREAKABLE is a concept album in a very special sense. It symbolises the indestructibility of the basic musical coordinates of the SCORPIONS. The unique power triad of outstanding musical figures: singer-songwriter Klaus Meine, guitarist and composer Rudolf Schenker and lead guitarist and composer Matthias Jabs.

UNBREAKABLE, the twentieth SCORPIONS album, is the quintessence of thirty-five years of SCORPIONS history. And at the same time it marks the re-commitment of Germany's internationally most successful hard rock export to their essential strengths. First and foremost we are a rock band, says Klaus Meine, leaving no room for doubt. Our fans expect to really feel the lethal sting of the SCORPIONS. So with UNBREAKABLE we've recorded a typical SCORPIONS album. Seconded by Rudolf Schenker: After side projects like Moment Of Glory and Acoustica we owed our fans a kick-ass, bad-to-the-bone rock CD. Rudolf Schenker sees UNBREAKABLE as building a bridge between the SCORPIONS and their fans. It's an album that brings the old and the new generation of SCORPIONS fans together. Matthias Jabs sums it up: With the new album we've returned to what the SCORPIONS are really all about. Hand-made rock music. Pick up the instruments, plug them in, play, is how he describes the highly successful three months spent working in the studio with producer Erwin Musper. The band together in one room for the basic tracks - back to the roots but in the contemporary rock sound of 2004. And at the same time we've reshaped our live set with the new songs. Erwin Musper, who as producer and sound engineer knows the SCORPIONS better than anyone else, goes even further: The SCORPIONS have set a new standard with UNBREAKABLE. It's the best material the SCORPIONS have written in the last five years. Any rock band setting out to record a new album, should have UNBREAKABLE as a reference in their sound library. Erwin Musper knows what he's talking about. Born in The Netherlands, he's been working with the SCORPIONS as producer and engineer since 1988. In addition, he has worked in the USA for many years as producer for bands such as Metallica, Iron Maiden, Van Halen, Bon Jovi and Def Leppard. SCORPIONS drummer/composer, James Kottak, is up front about it: UNBREAKABLE is the best record ever from Germany's No. 1 rock machine.

With UNBREAKABLE 2004 Klaus Meine, Rudolf Schenker and Matthias Jabs are going onto the musical offensive with a typical SCORPIONS coup: Pawel Maciwoda is the new bass player of Germany's globally most successful rock act. This new band member is another signal that there's no going back for the SCORPIONS. Together with drummer James Kottak, this hard rock bass player, steeled in the New York professional scene, represents a pressure build-up in the SCORPIONS' now outstanding rhythm'n'groove section.

UNBREAKABLE symbolises the musical and personal identity that has characterised the SCORPIONS for over thirty-five years and accounted for their lasting worldwide success. Klaus Meine, Rudolf Schenker and Matthias Jabs are three musical individualists, who have been time-travelling together since 1978, without regard for the changing fashions and ethos of the moment, on a common musical journey through their own SCORPIONS universe.

The coordinates: compositional genius, unique musical identity, irrepressible will to succeed and unbroken pioneering spirit - true to the credo of playing anywhere in the world where we can plug in. The SCORPIONS are a live band. That's the territory in which they're most at home.

The inner strength of the SCORPIONS derives from the staunch friendship between Klaus Meine, Rudolf Schenker and Matthias Jabs. On their concert tours, which can often last for months, they spend more time together, after all, than they do with their families. Their musical collaboration is characterised by the dedication and unconditional effort they put into their common goal: fighting to achieve the best at all times. True to their slogan Don't Stop At The Top, the SCORPIONS tirelessly pursue their resolution of always doing the unexpected. In this they are supported by their unbridled passion for their music. The SCORPIONS love to push their sting out to the limits. This surge of positive energy is the power field that holds the multi-facetted nucleus of the SCORPIONS together. It's this element of friendship existing between the musicians and extending to their fans that remains the core strength of the SCORPIONS. The result is the strong fan basis around the world, which makes the SCORPIONS independent of the unpredictable and fluctuating moods of the international music market.

In terms of their music, the SCORPIONS have maintained an impressive balance between the wide-ranging musical tastes of their fans in different continents. In the USA it's the straight rock numbers that are expected of the SCORPIONS. The same in Britain, Australia and Japan. In Eastern Europe and Russia, as well as in the countries of the South Central and South America, Portugal, Spain, France, Italy and Greece it's the rock ballads that the fans love best. In Asia, in countries like India, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Korea and the Philippines, the SCORPIONS have scored a remarkable success with their unplugged project Acoustica.

UNBREAKABLE is the payback for all the millions of loyal SCORPIONS fans around the world, who have followed their band through decades of successive and successful creative phases.

Even a band like the SCORPIONS, which has such a long history of success in the international music business, is bound to undergo changes. The band's paradigmatic philosophy of friendship has stood the test of time, including the various changes of membership that have taken place in the 35-year-plus career of the SCORPIONS.

And the SCORPIONS have picked up on an interesting phenomenon with regard to the audiences at their concerts around the globe. More and more younger fans are crowding into the front rows - fans who've been inspired by the idols of their own generation and now want to see the originals.

From the very beginning, it was the vision of SCORPIONS founder Rudolf Schenker to conquer the world through music and one day count among the best heavy rock bands in the world. In musical terms, the SCORPIONS cover the whole spectrum of rock-specific genres in 2004: hard'n'heavy, unplugged and crossover. Yet right across the various arrangements the distinctive SCORPIONS identity is clearly recognisable in all SCORPIONS hits. The SCORPIONS' songs and words address global issues and reflect what people around the globe feel about life. Musically the SCORPIONS' compositions span the spectrum between driving rock riffs and deeply emotional power rock ballads.

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Show Date Friday 10th September 2004
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All this has ensured that the SCORPIONS are the only German band to have unswervingly pursued an international career for over thirty-five years. We've often been through hell, to experience heaven. We've always had faith in ourselves and have never accepted limitations for ourselves, is how Rudolf Schenker sums it up. Doing a world tour and seeing how people respond to the music and are carried away by it, is for Rudolf Schenker simply the best there is. An adventure that he wouldn't miss for the world. For SCORPIONS vocalist Klaus Meine it's a fascinating experience, again and again, to contribute towards a peaceful world through the global language of music. To show that music is a language that crosses frontiers and overcomes differences. The outstanding date in this respect was the concert the SCORPIONS from Germany gave in 2002 in Volgograd. For these musicians, born in post-war Germany between 1948 and 1955, it was a deeply felt contribution towards atonement. What's important for Matthias Jabs is to make music that's enduring and that embodies the identity of the SCORPIONS. Over time and up there in front of the fans. Music that satisfies the band's own musical needs and those of their audiences. Music, above all, that stands the test of a live concert in the full exposure of the spotlights, where you can't hide anything. In 2004 Klaus Meine gives this summary of the impressive history of the SCORPIONS: There'll never be any substitute for live concerts with real music and real feelings. It's a statement from the heart that also looks forward into the future. And UNBREAKABLE is the musical statement of now from Germany's only global band.

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