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About Us

Thai Ticket Major
Thai Ticket Major Company Limited is a joint venture between BEC-Tero Entertainment PLC and the Major Cineplex Group PLC.
Thai Ticket Major was established in 1999. The company's past experience in providing ticketing services ensure that it is the leader when it comes to satisfying customers' needs.

Thai Ticket Major recently launched a new ticketing service known as Online Realtime. The new system is currently being used at ticket counters, online purchase via websites, call centers, mobile phone WAP systems and local branches managed by the company's partners. The company is perhaps the first in Thailand to offer complete ticketing services.

Since 1999, the company has served more than 100 companies and organizers including GMM Grammy, GMM Media, Scenario, RS Promotion, Click Radio, Matching Entertainment, Terminal Extra, MCOT, BEC-Tero, the Tourism Authority of Thailand, the Ministry of Culture, Bangkok Symphony Orchestra and International Culture Promotion.

The company has provided ticketing services to more than 800 performances and exhibitions, handling more than 8 million tickets. When you think of live shows, Thai Ticket Major is always your answer.

The focus is on the customer
In order to make life easier for our customers, we have set up ticketing counters at shopping centers such as Central Department Stores, cinemas under the Major Cineplex and EGV chains, and the Thai Post Office in Bangkok and environs. In the event that performances are canceled, the company will ensure that all tickets are refunded.

Types of Services

Ticketing service for event organizers
The company's primary vision is to become the leader in providing ticketing services for events in Thailand . Thai and foreign event organizers rely on the company's services. Of all performance tickets sold in Thailand, 90 per cent are handled by Thai Ticket Major.

Our professionalism and past experience help guarantee unrivalled service. Event organizers are certain to have their interests protected by us to ensure their success. Ticket sales contribute to the success of an event, and as Thai Ticket Major has been offering its services for a long time, the public is aware of its untarnished reputation.

Thai Ticket Major also offers a commercial arts service. No matter how big or small a budget for PR activities, or how much of a connection the event organizers have with the media, Thai Ticket Major is ready to support organizers using our connections and PR tools by offering cost effective plans for every event and giving it an international twist.

Ticketing services for bus, airline and hotel operators

In 2006, Thai Ticket Major expanded into the business of inter-provincial bus ticketing, providing customers across the country with easy access to bus services under the Transport Co., Ltd. and other bus operators.

This unique online ticketing system connects the company's outlets with post offices, online services and call centers. The service is convenient and saves both time and cost. Passengers can purchase tickets from more than 20 public and private bus operators, providing services to more than 400 destinations. This ticketing service is available at more than 100 outlets, while 30 telephone lines and our website provide round-the-clock services.

Due to our vast experience in the business, which has seen us please millions of customers and handling tickets worth more than 5 billion Baht, bus operators have complete faith in us and our system. Our services make it easier for commuters to get to work while also increasing the income of bus operators who are taking part in the project.

Customers will not only receive ticketing services, but will also be eligible to receive special discounts and promotions. Thai Ticket Major spends more than 50 million Baht each year producing ads on TV, radio, and in cinemas to promote shows and allow people to book tickets in advance. Our aim is to decrease the cost of selling tickets at bus stations and to increase the efficiency of bus services through our ticketing system.

Integrated Marketing Communication
From our experience in providing ticketing services, we know that the majority of our customers have high purchasing power. With this in mind, we have created a special promotion and public relations campaign to introduce our products to customers through 50 plasma televisions in 44 outlets, a free TTM Guide magazine published every two months and banners on the website which have visitors accessing more than 7,000 IP addresses each day. We connect your products and services with popular events and create promotional campaigns that efficiently meet with the demands of our target group.

Ticketing Software Specialists
Thai Ticket Major is the first company to distribute ticketing software to overseas markets. This is the pride of the software developing team at Thai Ticket Major. It also guarantees the efficiency of our ticketing system which is capable of supporting the needs of ticketing agencies and international event organizers. We have competent personnel who can provide ticket reservations for movies, concerts, sport events, hotels, buses and other relevant services through ticketing outlets, websites, call centers and mobile phones. If you are looking for efficient and practical software and crew members to take care of everything for you, Thai Ticket Major is always happy to be at your service.

ThaiTicketmajor's mission statement is " Your Ticket to Great Entertainment "
We aim to provide you with a better alternative to buying tickets by offering a more personal choice to our customers. We are dedicated to providing our customers with a convenient, personalized online ticket service with off-line support by our kiosks located at major shopping areas.
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