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- - - Love Doesn't Disappear Concert by Surapol Tonawanik - - - / Saturday February 27, 2010 / Aksra Theatre King Power + + +

Love Doesn't Disappear Concert
by Surapol Tonawanik

The Concert Will be Held Saturday February 27, 2010. At Aksra Theatre King Power. Don't Miss!!!

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     þ ⷳdzԡ ŻԹ觪ҵҢŻСʴ (оѹŧҡ ..2540) ؤҡ Ӥѭǧŧҡ 觤ѹ оѹ캷ŧسҾҡ¡ 2,000 ŧ ŧҹءŧԴҡçѹ㨨ҡԵԧͺ ѡö·ʹ֧ ѹ㹺ŧҧ ŧ˹ (ѺҪҹ§ͧ 2 ҧ ͤͧзӹͧ ҡŧ, ŧྪõѴŧ (ѺҪҹ§ͧ 2 ҧ ͧзӹͧ зǧ᫹ѺҧŨҡâѺͧŧ), ŧѡ (ѺҪҹ§ͧ 2 ҧ ͤͧзӹͧ 觼ǧ͵໻ԧ ѺҪҹ§ͧӨҡŧ "ҡѺ") Шҡŧѡ þ ⷳdzԡ Ѻҧŵ꡵ҷͧҪ ҡ˹ѧ;ҹͧ

     ԭΌŧ͹Դټŧҹͧŧ "þ ⷳdzԡ" ·ʹŧŻԹ觪ҵйѡͧسҾʹѧѺ ҷ . Ѵՠ ʴѲ ,.ԵԠ ѧǪ, ԹҠ آʶԵ, ѹԠ ع , 㨠 侨Ե, ؠ ʧԧ, ùѹ , ෹ Թ, úԹ ѵԭ ¹ѡʴ蹪ʹѧ Ѻͧŧþ ҷ Ᾱ顠 Ԩ ԡó, Ҿ Ҿ侺 , - بԹ ·ʹŧ ҿѧҡ Όŧѧѹҧ ҷ š觤ѹ, š觤繨ԧ, ѡ, ٺ, Ѻ, Щѹ, ѡ, ٵùѡѡ¹, Ҵ, , ѡش, ѡѺ, ˹, , , ³ҷ ŧ ǧ⿹ ʵ

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ѡͧѺԭԵѡ .Ե   ѧǪ ѡͧѺԭԵѡ .Ѳ  աԨ ѡͧѺԭԵѡ  侨Ե
ѡͧѺԭԵѡ  ʧԧ Ѻԭ  ѹ بԹ Ѻԭ  ٳ بԹ
Ѻԭ Ᾱ Ԩ ԡó Ѻԭ ѵ Ѻԭ
Ѻԭ Ҿ Ҿ侺 Ѻԭ  Ѻԭ  ෹
Ѻԭ  ѡ Ѻԭ úԹ ѵԭ  
Venue Aksra Theatre King Power
Location Rangnam Road, Phya Thai, Ratchathewi, Bangkok
Performance :
Saturday February 27, 2010.
Showtime changed to
4.00 - 6.00 P.M.
Gate Open Approx. 30 minutes before show start.
Public Sale From Tuesday January 19, 2010 onward
Every Distribution Chanel
( On 1st day open sale at 10.00 AM.)
Price 2,000 Baht
1,500 Baht
800 Baht
Seating Plan

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